10 beachtenswerte Zitate über Product-Market Fit

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You should not invest anything in growth before you have product-market fit.

Buckley Barlow

Every startup is in a race against time. It has to find product-market fit before running out of cash.

Steve Blank

Nothing else matters until you come up with a strong product that meets the needs of an initial market.

Marty Cagan

Product-market fit requires at least 40% of users saying they would be “very disappointed” without your product.

Sean Ellis

Without product market fit, it’s hard to generate the growth rate that all investors want.

Carlos Espinal

You know you have fit if your product grows exponentially with no marketing. That is only possible if you have huge word of mouth. Word of mouth is only possible if you have delighted your customer.

Andy Rachleff

If you have to ask whether you have product-market fit, the answer is simple: you don’t.

Eric Ries

The #1 problem I’ve seen for startups is they don’t have product/market fit when they think they do.

Alex Schultz

If you are not drowning in demand, you don’t have product-market fit.

Michael Seibel

To increase your product-market fit score, spend half your time doubling down on what users already love and the other half on addressing what’s holding others back.

Rahul Vohra


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